The Boy and the Fox

This unique, poetic, and tragic tale gives readers a fresh and intriguing perspective on what can happen when a relationship becomes toxic…and dangerous.

Deep within a large forest untouched by civilization lives a teenage boy. With no memory of a life outside his forest, he’s content to spend his days in solitude. Whittling his time away, he lives a simple life. A happy life. A free life. But when agonizing cries for help lead the boy to a small, injured fox, his peaceful life is over.

The boy takes pity on the creature and brings her home to help her heal. But she becomes controlling of the boy, and he finds himself living entirely by her whims. Soon, he sees that his life is a somber reflection of what it once was. He knows that he must get away from the fox. But what he doesn’t realize is that she’s unwilling to let him go without a fight.

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